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The Clinical Trial Cost Calculator – General Information

The Clinical Trial Cost Calculator (CTCC) is the software tool that the clinical research industry has been waiting for.

Clinical trial sponsors (biotech, pharma, research groups) can now estimate how much their clinical trial will cost to plan their budgets and financing rounds.

The CTCC is completely free and will generate a customized full-service CRO clinical trial ballpark quote in seconds!

Access to the CTCC is exclusively given to actual clinical trial sponsors and its free use requires real personal identification and a valid email address.

Each CTCC access request (user registration) is manually evaluated. Access will not be granted to individuals or organizations that are not clinical trial sponsors.

The data entered into the CTCC will be managed according to the CTCC’s Personal Data Privacy Policy and Clinical Trial Data Privacy Policy.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the CTCC.

Enjoy your budgeting!

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