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Community-Based Clinical Trials in Underserved Populations

Sofpromed conducts community-based clinical trials in underserved populations of the United States.

Community-based clinical trials are an essential approach to enhancing diversity and representation in research studies.

These trials aim to engage directly with individuals within their communities, fostering trust and establishing relationships with potential participants.

By conducting trials in community settings, researchers can address logistical and cultural obstacles that may hinder participation, such as transportation issues and language barriers.

For participants, these trials provide easier access to healthcare services and treatments, reducing the burden of travel and improving convenience.

Additionally, participants may feel more comfortable and supported in a familiar community environment, increasing their willingness to engage in research.

For researchers, community-based trials offer the opportunity to collect real-world data in diverse populations.

This data can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and safety of treatments across different demographics.

Sofpromed runs community-based clinical trials in the United States across several therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic, CNS, dermatological, infectious, and respiratory diseases, among others.