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Data Cleaning for Clinical Trials

What is Data Cleaning in Clinical Trials?

Data cleaning is the process through which clinical trial data is refined to produce, as a result, complete and correct data free of inconsistencies. The data cleaning procedure consists of reviewing the clinical data, detecting missing information and discrepancies, and issuing automatic and/or manual queries to the clinical site staff, to have these issues resolved. Data cleaning is a task typically led by clinical data managers, who are members of a CRO team.

Sofpromed’s Data Management Services

Sofpromed is a clinical research organization (CRO) specialized in providing data management services, including data cleaning. Our clinical data management capabilities include:

  • Writing of Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Writing of Data Validation Plan (DVP)
  • Case Report Form (CRF) design
  • EDC system implementation
  • Clinical data cleaning

Sofpromed’s CRO services are focused on phase I-IV clinical trials and post-marketing studies across multiple therapeutic areas (oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic, central nervous system, dermatology, infectious, and respiratory diseases, among others).