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Why Should Pharma and Biotech Consider Spain for their Cancer Clinical Trials?

Patricio Ledesma

13 February, 2019

Spain is a great country to conduct clinical trials.

By the end of 2018, according to, the American database of clinical studies carried out worldwide, Spain is the fifth European country (taking into account the United Kingdom) with more clinical studies (11,164), very near to the fourth recruiter: Italy (11,387 studies).

In 2018 only, 716 new studies were started in Spanish sites by November, taking Spain up to the fourth position in the European ranking of top recruiters.

The prediction is that this tendency will be consolidated in the future since pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors see Spain as an increasingly attractive territory for oncology trials.

Spain attracts US-based and European cancer trial sponsors for various reasons.

Why is Spain a highly appealing country to perform clinical trials in oncology? These are the main advantages:

  1. The high number of clinical studies conducted in Spanish hospitals
  2. The growing interest of multinational pharmaceutical companies
  3. The constant growth of clinical trials in the early stages
  4. More clinical trials in rare diseases
  5. The early adoption of European clinical trial legislation
  6. Short study start-up timelines
  7. The quality of Spanish healthcare, science, and professionals
  8. The large number of oncology trials
  9. The strategic role of national cooperative cancer research groups

Would you like to see a more detailed explanation of these aspects one by one? Read the whole guide:

In this guide you can read a comprehensive explanation of the scientific and operational advantages of conducting clinical trials in Spanish hospitals, including very valuable recommendations for sponsors planning oncology studies.

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